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Music by Aleksey Igudesman is now also available for viola players!
“Violin & Viola & more” features a selection of well-known pieces from his duet series “& More“ arranged for violin and viola in moderate difficulty.
The edition includes helpful remarks on background and characteristics of every piece. Thus, style-appropriate interpretation and fun at playing together are guaranteed.
Content text: Trad. Scottish: Auld Lang Syne · Igudesman Aleksey: Us Two · Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus/Igudesman Aleksey: Andante Mozartoso · Trad. Hassidic: Hava Nagila · Igudesman Aleksey: Lena, Malaja · Trad. Khazakhstan: Duniye Ay – Oh This World · Igudesman Aleksey: Irish Stew in the Morning · Igudesman Aleksey: Richard Won't Like It! · Trad. Mexican: La Cucaracha · Trad. Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey: Sari Gelin – Blond Mountain Bride
Difficulty: 4-5
ISBN: 978-3-7024-7469-0
ISMN: 979-0-008-08798-1
Publisher: Universal Edition
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